Production Animal Consultancy

Colin has had a career as a Production Animal Veterinarian for over 28 years. During this time Colin has worked closely with farmers, diagnostic laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, not only in the UK, but also Ireland and Europe.

Part of the role of Veterinary Consultancy is to develop and utilise new technologies, to refine and develop diagnostic techniques and then to pass on this experience and knowledge to veterinarians and livestock owners.

Veterinary Consultancy is ideally placed to provide second opinions to veterinary surgeons to manage problem cases. Veterinary Consultancy also actively promotes the development of practice-wide databases to monitor disease incidence, implement monitoring packages, vaccine utilisation and ultimately antimicrobial reduction.

For livestock owners, Veterinary Consultancy can provide an independent second opinion; a fresh set of eyes for problem cases or outbreaks.

The primary aims of any consultation are;

  • Maintain farm viability
  • Develop management practices which improve animal health and are sustainable.
  • Antimicrobial reduction , particularly of the HP-CIAs as detailed in farm assurance schemes

All second opinions will be conducted in accordance with the RCVS Guide to professional conduct.