Agri Business Consultancy


The Agri Business Consultancy group is a Joint Venture of Independent consultants , servicing the Agricultural community .

 The purpose of the company is to provide impartial and independent opinion and advise to food animal producers. This covers all aspects from basic diet planning and costings , through to whole farm audits and contract compliance .


  The Agri Business Consultancy Group  has established close links with a pool of experts such as;

  • veterinary surgeons,
  • agricultural consultants
  • nutritionists and economists
  • Veterinary Colleges
  • Third party organisations such as AHDB and Ruma .
  • The veterinary Pharmaceutical sector – In particular Vaccine development

 By working closely with other stakeholders, the aim would be to develop disease control strategies and antibiotic monitoring systems.

 The aims are to ;

  •  Create sustainability
  • Improve animal health and welfare.
  • Optimise management
  • Minimise antibiotic usage, in accordance with “One Health”
  • Strategically utilise vaccines where required

Once clients have been engaged , an initial comprehensive review will be undertaken.This will involve a request for information from the Primary care vet in accordance with the Royal College Guidelines

It is possible for a client to have more than one veterinary surgeon  attending to their enterprise . This is called mutual client status

 In conjunction with other disciplines, a risk analysis can be undertaken, identifying the key areas to be addressed. Always with an emphasis upon Animal health and welfare, antimicrobial reduction and sustainability.

 ABC will have no set allegiance to any one Pharmaceutical provider. But rather to cherry-pick the best products for the specific purpose required

If it was deemed appropriate, for new or alternative Pharmaceutical products to be utilised . The Customer  will have an option to obtain products from either their Private Veterinary Surgeon (PV), from Veterinary Consultancy or via a prescription.

This is in accordance with the Royal College Guide to Professional conduct Fair Trading Requirements

 Regular monitoring will be undertaken on these units on a quarterly / six-monthly basis. A formal audit will be undertaken every 12-18 months

 From previous experience it is vital Food Producers have ;

1; impartial advice

2; transparency. 

 By undertaking this comprehensive multi-disciplined approach and having complete transparency this addresses the issue of a potential conflict of interest.


 As an independent group of consultants , ABC will observe the Guidelines on Business Ethics as detailed by the Institute of Directors. 

 ABC recognises that not only does it have a responsibility to its clients, but also to its other stakeholders such as suppliers, educational establishments, Government, employees, local communities , consumers and the environment.