Biotechnological Development

The growing pressure to reduce antimicrobial use, both in the human and veterinary fields, has changed the way we all view our food production.

One Health is at the forefront. We can no longer rely upon antimicrobials to sustain livestock systems. We now have to think twice before using  antimicrobials to rescue the situation.

This combined with Colin’s knowledge of the pharmaceutical and Biotech industries has placed him as an ideal link between industry, the veterinary profession and livestock owners.

With this changing tide of opinion, it is an exciting time to be involved in food animal production.

Preventative medicine, improved diagnostics and disease modelling are all contributing to the development of new innovative technologies.

Colin has been at the forefront of preventive health, Novel Vaccine production, New and developing Diagnostic techniques and ultimately antimicrobial reduction .

Colin has been involved with several vaccine developments over the years. This has lead to the development and implementation of bespoke Multivalent vaccine protocols. These can have a significant impact on animal health.